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A Trusted Title Insurance Agency

N&J Abstract’s mission is to stand out from the crowd and provide the absolute best service to all our clients during your home purchase or refinance transaction.

Title Insurance

Standing out from the crowd

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What is Title Insurance?

Protection For Your Home

To put it simply, title insurance is a way to protect yourself from financial loss and related legal expenses in the event there is a defect in title to your property that is covered by the policy. Title insurance differs from other types of insurance in that it focuses on risk prevention, rather than risk assumption. With title insurance, title examiners review the history of your property and seek to eliminate title issues before the purchase occurs. Title insurance also differs in that it comes with no monthly payment. It’s just a one-time premium paid at closing.

What Does Title Insurance Cover?

The Protection You Need

Any number of title issues may arise, even after the most meticulous search of public records. These hidden defects are dangerous because you might not learn about them for months, or even years, after purchase. Some common examples:

  • Improper execution of documents

  • Mistakes in recording or indexing legal documents

  • Forgeries and fraud

  • Undisclosed or missing heirs

  • Unpaid taxes and assessments

  • Unpaid judgments and liens

  • Unreleased mortgages

  • Mental incompetence of grantors on the deed

  • Impersonation of the true owners of the land by fraudulent persons

Signing a Contract

About Us

 We are committed to revolutionizing the industry and providing the best services to our clients. In an industry dominated by brokerage owned Title Insurance Companies that haven't advanced since the 1980's, N & J Abstract is here to ensure our clients are using the latest technology to ensure the smoothest transaction.

We will help you protect the Title of your home so you can enjoy family dinners without ever thinking about Title Insurance again until the next time you buy or sell a home. 

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